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Weighted Pressure Vests

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 Cooling Pressure Vest

 Adjustable pressure vests and weighted pressure vests. The thinnest, lightest and coolest vests available, it's almost a pressure shirt! starting at $29.95. Our weighted pressure vests and regular pressure vests offered in 5 colors and 7 sizes and are made in the USA. Helps reduce anxiety, stimming and improve focus. Custom sizing available, G tube options.

Adjustable pressure vests and weighted pressure vests. Sometimes called compression vests or sensory vests or deep pressure vests. They are all just different terms for the same item. Usually a four way stretch fabric front attached to a loop style back with hook ,loop closures.

Autism Pressure Vests-Weighted Vests

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Pressure Vests

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An example of our new fabric, Neoprene-Scuba
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AKA: Compression Vests or Sensory Vests
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